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Stormwind Secret Intelligence Service : Section 7

Service InformationEdit

Name : Jayse Ravenwest

Codename : "C"

Title : Operational Chief

Classification : Active

Heritage : Human, Kingdom of Stormwind

D.O.B : 25th April, 28yrs

Kin : (Son) Kaden Blackdawn Ravenwest

Home Residence : Stormwind City

Current Operation : N/A

Psycological AssessmentEdit


Operational HistoryEdit

Banshee's Fall - Agents deployed to Old Lorderon to investigate and monitor the scourge activities. "Banshee Twelve" uncovered valuable information within Andorhal and the surrounding territory but at the expense of heavy losses. After three of the team were reported M.I.A on watch it was discovered they'd fallen to the plague themselves. Ravenwest and Micheals being the two surviving members of the operation only managed to recover the insignias of three before being forced to evacuate the area.

Micheals - reassigned to Military Advisory, Valiance Keep.

Ravenwest - reassigned to Cultism Threat Operations, Stormwind City.

Crackdown - Group known as 'The Sundown Syndicate' began operations against the government. Ravenwest and Blackdawn were successfull in breaking the syndicate and it's operations. Heavy skirmishes and investigation over a period of three months resulted in the organisations head being brought before the courts and executed. Both agents commended in bravery and recourcefullness and granted a two week leave of absence.

Criminal and Disciplinary RecordEdit

Disobeyed direct orders while under SI:7 lockdown, hijacking an agency Gyrocopter while under armed guard supervision with a stolen/aquired firearm. - Cleared of all charges after further investigation

Multiple cautions for collateral damage to homesteads during search and rescue operations. - Was assigned to further training and temporarily removed from field service

Use of excessive physical torture in order to obtain vital information putting the captives life at risk. - Formal disciplinery undertaken by Shaw

Scuttled a merchant vessel holding a cache of stolen Seaforium in a recklass firefight thus destroying vital evidence and killing potential enemy extremists. - No internal charges, merchant's guild still seeking compensation for vessel.

High Treason to the Crown for killing two agents within SI:7 and subsequently fleeing in a state of A.W.O.L - Cleared of all charges after further investigation

Arrested whilst undercover. Interrogated by Inquisitor Dragomir - No formal charges

Awards and RecognitionEdit


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