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Stormwind Secret Intelligence Service : Section 7

Service InformationEdit


Name : Gabriel Delaney

Codename : Shinden

Title : SI:7 Operative

Classification : Active

Heritage : Human, Kingdom of Stormwind

D.O.B : 22nd March, 35yrs

Kin : (Wife) Mandui Delaney

Home Residence : N/A

Current Operation : N/A

Psycological AssessmentEdit


Operational HistoryEdit


Criminal and Disciplinary RecordEdit

Sentence: 10 day suspension

Reason: Missuse of conduct during "Operation: F.O"

Case Details:

The agent engaged in heavy physical contact with one Bret Hayden during a social event in Lakeshire.

The agent's operative weapons were drawn, but the conflict did not escalate further due to the involvement of bystanders.

The agent stated the mishap was caused by the insultive nature of Mr. Hayden, and was fueled to a greater level due to an earlier quarrel with his own wife.

The agent fully agreed to the suspension without further ado.

Awards and RecognitionEdit


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