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Stormwind Secret Intelligence Service : Section 7

Service InformationEdit


Name : Scott McCall

Codename : Visceril, often shortened to just 'V' or Visc

Title : Si:7 SCYTHE Operative

Classification : Active

Heritage : Human, Kingdom of Stormwind

D.O.B : 4th May, 27

Kin :

Father: Garrîson McCall

Mother: Joanne McCall, Deceased

Home Residence : Small dwelling someplace on the roofs of Stormwind

Current Operation : M.I.A. Last known whereabouts: Isle of Conquest, infiltrating Horde settlements.

Psycological AssessmentEdit

McCall is a former Second Finger Echelon Stormwind Assassin, but having a natural aptitude for infiltration, reconnaissance and combat situations lead McCall to excel within Si:7 Special Forces. McCall's father Garrison McCall was a respected Knight of The Silver Hand, living in his fathers shadow and constant pressure from peers to fail, pushed young McCall to achieve daily. Hailing from a military family engraved a strict "..code of honor..." into his psyche.

Scott 'Visceril' McCall is noted as being an expert in the art of stealth and trained in various infiltration and interrogation techniques. Years of combat and espionage have shaped him into a highly intelligent tactician. Although he is not a blind idealist, McCall has dedicated his life to service in an effort to promote positive change worldwide, even at the expense of his personal life.

Operational HistoryEdit

Retrieve the Package: (Warsong gulch story, detail TBC)

Securing the Harvest: (Arathi basin story, detail TBC)

Stormpike Operation Service: (Alterac Valley story, detail TBC)

Search & Rescue: (Rescuing a noble gnome from the jaws of the dalaran alligator, detail TBC)

Operation Thunderbolt: (Detailing the weather anomoly within Outland, detail TBC)

Hiding in plain sight: (My Undercover story, detail TBC)

Breaking the Hammer: (Launching an assault from The Skybreaker to Ogrims Hammer RP event, detail TBC)

Ground Control: (Icecrown, Skybreaker Daily quests..all done IC. RP event, detail TBC)

Criminal and Disciplinary RecordEdit


Awards and RecognitionEdit

Exalted Insignia from League of Arathor

Exalted Insignia from Silverwing Sentinals

Exalted Insignia from Stormpike Operation Service

Awarded 'Justicar' recognition for military actions

Awarded 'Tabard of Conquest' from High Commander Halford Wyrmbane, 7th Legion

Awarded the SCYTHE Winged Dagger Insignia


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